Short Film

Client: Pushing Buttons
Role: Director of Photography

Writer/Director/Editor: Tim Porter

Producer: Anda Vlasaku

Director of Photography: Richard A Jephcote

Additional Photography: Dean Wayne Evans

Assistant Director: Milad Latoof

Music by: Volor Flex

Launch project

Andrew Watson, a 23 year old businessman is suffering from stress & anxiety led on by leading two lives. Working in the heart of the city & living with his disabled mother on a council estate the stress prevents him from getting a grip on either. Finding himself torn between both worlds and between two woman, one being his disabled mother & the other a fellow co-worker who provides him a possible future of independence. Trying to juggle both these lives puts grave strain on both lives. When the two live’s come together will this release the stress or be the catalyst for him to drop the balls?

Featuring music comprised by Volor Flex Juggling is Bold, unabashed & emotionally charged rite of passage tale highlighting panic disorder, separation anxiety & alienation.

Scenes by Richard A Jephcote: 0:00-1:52 7:00-end



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