Northern Nights

Short Doc Promo

Client: Collaborative Arts Network
Role: Camera/Lighting and Edit

Producer: Damiano Marchetti
Shot & Edited: Richard A Jephcote

Launched in the summer of 2011, Northern Nights is an online platform & pop-up festival for filmmakers seeking a showcase & new partners for their productions.
Our mission is to provide an outlet for the film community to showcase and network, whilst giving the audience an opportunity to engage their passion for film fully and reward the filmmakers they love.
The Northern Nights Festival is not just another film-making competition, but a unique opportunity to be a part of something truly exceptional. Our judges are not just looking for talent, but moreover, they’re in search of a character with an awe-inspiring attitude – someone optimistic and forward-thinking; creative and outstanding, someone brave and devoted, who can shove the limits to the sky. Good luck and see you among the stars on a Northern Night!

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