The Feast


Client:Tea Fuelled
Role:Director of Photography & Editor

Neil – Gary Buckley
Girl – Nikki Blemings
Queen – Rayyah McCaul
Other – David Ross

The Others
Alastair Binnie-Lubbock
Alex Topham Tyerman
Harriet Green
Mairi-Claire Brogan
Michelle Yim

Party Goers
Annie Brown
Anna Burton
Vassili Christodolou
Pip Dyson
Kate Humphreys
Jason Marsh
Lisa Renton
Nigel Rook
Thomas Rolle
Paul Tavner

Written, Directed & Composed: George Lewkowicz

Producer: William Harry Mitchell

DoP & Editor: Richard A Jephcote

Assistant Director: Zoe “Bob” Roberts

1st AD: Rob Wise

Location Manager: Thomas Beyts

Art Director: Katherine Harding

Art Department
Zoe Roberts
Anna Burton

Sound Recording & Design: Lois Jones

Lighting Assistants
Nikos Papangelis
Doreen Fonju

Camera Assistants
Andrej Kirn
Vassili Christodolou

A girl, a boy, another realm and a sofa.

Video © Tea Fuelled 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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