Virunga premieres at Tribeca

standing ovations at every screening

Virunga premieres at Tribeca

Having had a small part in helping this documentary make it to the screen (some Additional Photography, and Facilities) it’s been very heartening to see it receive such widespread praise, especially for the director Orlando Von Einsiedel. The film exposes a fight for the protection of the (meagre) 0.05% of the world with UNESCO World Heritage status, as the film points out, if we can’t protect these places against natural resource exploitation where can we? Virunga is timed at the tipping point for the precedent to be set; do we, as a species, make a last destructive scrabble for the remaining fossil fuels? Or do we protect and nurture what remains of our natural biological resources and start the planet on a path to recovery?

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The wider discussion in the press

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