Richard Jephcote

You Fit The Description

‘You Fit the Description’ is a 12 minute short film that flips the script on Stop & Search. Nico, a young black man, will harness the power of his community, to teach the justice system a lesson. The film culminates in the “street trial” of a police officer. 

It’s a bold, and unflinching look at our current society, where black people are targeted, racially profiled and aggresively stopped & searched.

More than just a simple role reversal, this film is about finding our humanity, and is full of depth and nuance. It’s a cry for immediate and real change in policing.

​Starring: Geoffrey MacCarthy, Mike Chomiak

Director: Davy Lazare

Producer: Michelle Adia-Scarlett

Co-Produced: Daniele Fiandaca

Director of Photography: Richard Jephcote

Offline Editor: Jamie Hodgson

Story Edit: Mike Barrett

Sound Design: Federico Casazza

Music: David Nicholas

MUA: Nance Sythia Katende

B Camera: Sagar Kumar

1st AC: Jon Weatherall

2nd AC: Lolly Michaels

Richard Jephcote

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