Richard Jephcote

Bose / Porsche: Turn the Dial Sessions (Laufey)

Only 2.8% of songs in the top 100 are produced by women. Bose and Porsche invited Laufey—artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist—and Eunike Tanzil—composer and producer—to Atomic Sound in Brooklyn to produce a song from scratch. Turn The Dial is a commitment to helping music be all that it can be by increasing the number of producers of all genders—not just men. To realise the full power of sound, the people making music need to be as diverse as the people listening. It’s time to turn the dial.

Director: Posy Dixon

Executive Producer: Marina Cukeric

Producer: Greg T. Gordon

Line Producer: Maya Tanaka

Editors: Justin Stokes, James Cook

Sound Mixing: Tom Joyce

Colourist: Richard Jephcote


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