Richard Jephcote

Into Dust: A City Running out of Water

A city robbed, an activist assassinated and a global crisis in the making. All for one precious resource; water.

Into Dust: A City Running out of Water is a 15min short documentary that goes behind the scenes to tell the true story depicted in Into Dust (2021), featuring Aquila Ismail, the actress who plays her – Sudha Bhuchar, Oscar-winning director Orlando Von Einsiedel, the foundation backing the film and experts in the water crisis facing the world.

Shot in Pakistan, India and the UK the short doc elaborates on the events depicted in the film, the work of Perween Rahman (Aquila’s sister) as a “freedom fighter for water” and how her work is a prime example of the kind of response needed to the oncoming global water crisis. It touches on some of the challenges of making the film and why Orlando and the Grundfos Foundation felt it was a story that “needed to be told”.

Directed, Shot & Cut: Richard Jephcote
Karachi Aerial Footage: Muhammad Nabeel
Production Manager: Irina Guimaraes
Line Producer: Caroline Lai
Field Producer: Khalid Waseem
Exec Producers: Mikkel Bondesen, Nikolaj Bondesen, Orlando Von Einsiedel, Harri Grace
Film Publicist: Mia Farrell

Pakistan / India
Richard Jephcote

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