Richard Jephcote

BBC2 : Death in Bollywood

The Bollywood actor Jiah Khan was found dead in her flat in Mumbai. The police concluded that it was suicide and that her boyfriend had driven her to take her own life. He denies this, saying that people should look at her whole life when trying to understand her death.

The film explores the pressures on female Bollywood stars and the scrutiny their private lives come under through the Indian media. It hears from those close to Jiah about the months leading up to her death. It sets out contrasting accounts of her relationship with her boyfriend and of events the night she died.

After her death, the family find a long letter in the flat which they believe was written from Jiah to her boyfriend. Media and police termed it a suicide note. But the family dispute that she was suicidal and say the police have jumped to the wrong conclusions.


Series Director & Producer: Marta Shaw

Co-Director: Jasleen Sethi

Director of Photography: Richard Jephcote & Roger Chapman

Colourist: Dominic Towey



London / Mumbai
Richard Jephcote / Roger Chapman / Additional IV cameramen
Grade: Dominic Towey

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