Richard Jephcote
National Geographic / Grain / Rideback / The Nobel Prize

Nat Geo: The Lost Forest (Colourist)

Director : Orlando Von Einsiedel

Director of Photography: William Hadley

Digital Colourist & Poster Design: Richard Jephcote

An international team of scientists and explorers go on an extraordinary mission in Mozambique to reach a forest that no human has set foot in. The team, including some of the world’s foremost climate change experts, aims to collect data from the forest to help in our understanding of how climate change is affecting our planet. But the forest sits atop a mountain, and to reach it, the team must first climb a sheer 100m wall of rock. The scientist’s work is based on research conducted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

William Hadley

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